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Category: architecture


For the PEOPLE

One of the latest contributions to New York City’s Public parks truly carries within it the democratic spirit. Designed by Deconstructivist architects Diller +Scofidio, the High Line is akin to the humor and joy of the Park de LaVilette.

And much like Mitterand’s City of Light program for Paris, the High Line exemplifies a Utopian ideal; evident in the re-purposing of dead infrastructure for use as a public park that winds through a dense urbane backdrop.


Spring Light

This  past winter was exceptional for me as I did not retreat into the malaise due to the lack of light.  I happen to love to collect all things.  And one winter evening as i took a visual inventory, I realized lighting happens to be one of “those things”.  I’ve decided to share a few of my personal decorative lighting pieces that carried me through the season of cold dark skies.


"24 Karat Blau" designed by Axel Schultes for Ingo Maurer

First shown is the 24 Karat Blau hanging lamp. It is a flexible design by Axel Schulte for the famous House of Ingo Maurer, the German lighting studio who for the past three decades has been creating whimsical lighting designs.  Maurer’s designs are even included in the Harry Potter films to decorate and light the Great Hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  The effect created by Maurer’s single-lit dangling candles from silken thread is absolutely ghostly.  Read more…


a walk in istanbul.1 URBANbody

One year ago this week I headed off to Istanbul, almost one year to the date.  This was my first venture into a predominantly Muslim country, here is a bit of my story .

View of the "Old City" from The "Galata" bridge

View of the "Old City" from The "Galata" bridge

Until this time my experience of the rich ancient Islamic culture has been filtered through art and media that converge into the New York City melting pot Mecca.  Words like “sofa” and “bazaar” come to mind.  The movement of a belly dance, and the texture and sweetness of honey cast chewy pistachio candy.

After arriving in Istanbul, the airport was my last vaguely western landmark. Istanbul is full of the most incredible sounds and smells. Melodic prayer and exotic scents emanate from the hundreds of mosques. Read more…


A Blessing Sent From Hephaestus

Cooper Union Blog 8

Photo:Leyden Ynobe Lewis

My friends Willie and Billie and I were heading back to Brooklyn driving south on 3rd Avenue just below St. Marks Place. We were at one of those places where cross sections cut diagonally into the famous gridiron of New York City, a wedge in the urban fabric.

Always difficult to navigate as a pedestrian but a relief from the relentless one and two point perspective streets. The wedge serves as the plot of land (come wafer -thin island) dedicated as the plinth for the “zaftig” 19th century building. Built by Peter Cooper  and home of The Cooper Union For The Advancement Of Science And Art.

Read more…