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reflection as an act of creativity

As a creative person, I nourish myself by seeking out inspiration. There are many ways to accomplish this necessary creative refueling.

Julia Cameron, the famous author of the Artist Way series of books refer to these moments spent with one’s self as the “artist date”. These are indescribably critical to my sanity as an artist and design professional.


Family heirloom, an old cracked and stained photograph of one of the most beautiful women in my life. My aunt, Rosie Palmer, Trinidad and Tobago ca. 1960, photographer Unknown

For example, have you ever gazed into a thing?

Perhaps searching into the eyes of another person, or into a painting. Looking in anticipation for your own creative self-reflection. I have, and do.  Bundles of cash are not a prerequisite for this exercise.

In fact, a meditative walk at a nearby park, or losing yourself in the white noise of the city just may do the trick.

The point only is to stay present in your body, pay attention, try not speaking, immerse yourself in complete meditative observation. Slow down!

Allow yourself to be inspired by the subtleties so often over looked.   I allow myself to be deeply moved by my experiences it is critical to the process. Like osmosis, traces of one’s own experience are left in that person, place or thing. Essences are exchanged in a mutual interplay of ideas. 

That is what creative expansion is like for me. It is an intimate connection with a lover or friend, a thorough and faithful observation.

One perpetual source of inspiration is great food. Ehem!!! I frequently become completely obsessed trying to recreate flavors tasted and gourmet compositions sampled at someone’s home or at a restaurant.


Simple Chinese Cuke Salad an appetizer or digestive? Or old Caribbean recipe for naturally lowering blood pressure: Chili paste, tons of freshly mashed garlic, sesame oil, salt or tamari. Directions-INVENT Photo courtesy of Group

My dear friend Lyle and his studio manager, Ben, would certainly attest to the number of hours I spent discussing the garlic cucumbers at his favorite Chinese restaurant in Chelsea. I love those cucumbers!

Giving myself space and time, using a simple recipe and fresh ingredients, concocting a fragrance to fill the kitchen… It is as completely satisfying as packing up and globe-trotting.

Either one will do. I am actively pursuing an addiction in the latter.

Speaking of spices.  I had the fortune to travel to a country where the confluences of Europe and Asia meet and crown the Middle East; Turkey.

A strange and magical place where the cultures of modernity, classicism and the ancient are living and frankly at odds with each other (or at least what I have come to believe about “at odds”  based on the cultural organization of New York City, America).

With only my curiosity to guide me and my frustration of how the peoples of this region are depicted in media, I made my plans, packed my bags and tested my capacity for change.  This past October was truly un-real both aesthetically personally and spiritually.

I traveled to Istanbul, Turkey, the furthest I have ever ventured from home. I was very curious to visit a place that although posing as secular, is primarily a Muslim country. I was eager to experience a place truly more exotic than my assumptions led me to believe……………..stay tuned!!!

4 responses to reflection as an act of creativity

  1. Cristiano says:

    As a graphic designer I deal with the shape of the significance, and my perpetual source of inspiration (besides food) is something that actually does not have a specific shape: music.

    PS: The movie “Blue” is one of my all time favorite

  2. Nereida says:

    I’m glad to see the blog taking shape! The Blue finale really illustrates what you said about creativity and being moved by an object of inspiration. Can’t wait to hear about Istanbul and your impressions of the culture.

  3. Nicole says:

    It is refreshing to read about taking the time to allow a suspension of time to happen so that the senses can be suffused with sounds, tastes, whatever is happening in the now. At times, it IS important to be overcome – we often overlook how important this is to an artist’s life and process, especially in a society that embraces calculation and linear thinking to the exclusion of those more subtle, sublime and ephemeral experiences.

  4. Till says:

    Like your Blog…..hope you will find the time to do many many more! can’t wait to see the finished website!

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